Our Team not only made up of Workaholic Developers, but also experienced and accountable Project Managers that come free of cost to help you complete a project that is as technically sound and satisfying to end users as possible. The Project Manager ensures that the Developer successfully completes the assigned tasks according to your standards and strategic business model.

Together, this dynamic team is committed to conquering whatever project you have at hand.


Extensive Knowledge: Our Developers have completed a variety of tasks in different development languages in a range of difficulty. With each project, knowledge expands, allowing you to reap the benefits of past projects and acquired expertise.

Reverse Engineering for the RIGHT Solutions: Before reaching us, your project would have been developed by other software companies according to their standards. Before starting any task, our developers work to discover the structure of your software to maintain the standards and principles you’ve put in place.

Trouble-shooting Experts: One of the most common requests we receive is Bug Fixing. Debugging a code written by someone else is not an easy task unless you’ve worked in a wide range of technologies writing an array of code. We provide the right learning environment for our developers to make sure this isn’t a problem.

Get Things Done: Having the technical skill is not enough. What we have in addition to high standards for our technical skills is the passion to get things done for you. Our dedication for client satisfaction is what turns a group of individual “master minds” into an expert team willing to go the extra mile to meet your requirements.

Readily Flexible: Finishing your task as quickly as possible demands flexibility from the team to smoothly shift from the previous project task to yours. Over 10 years of work experience has allowed us to start working on a task as soon as we get it – saving time as we streamline our routine.

Exceptional Task-Management: Working on short projects, our developers could easily be bombarded by multiple projects from various sources. We train our resources to keep in mind that while working with you, you get their full dedication and attention until your task is complete and delivered.

Project Manager

Out-of-the-Box Thinking: We pride ourselves on going above and beyond expectations. That’s why we hire individuals who have that extra something that separates them from the crowd. Innovation is key, and our Project Managers can accomplish more than a programmer could alone.

Exceptional Management: Our Project Managers not only keep developers on task, but on schedule. Juggling requirements, research, and product delivery does not affect their ability to suggest improvements in your task.

Business Minded: Keeping the business side of your project in mind, our Managers will offer suggestions and propose changes that can directly benefit your bottom line. Knowing your company and looking at your product from the end user’s point of view helps them to help you.

Research Oriented: Our Product Manager spends time gathering information to show Developers ongoing trends so that your tasks get completed in the best way possible. They aren’t afraid to dig for information and find exactly what they’re looking for – all to benefit your needs.

Meet Deadlines: We streamlining the process and efficiently manage our workload to make sure that your project is finished on time. The Project Manager coordinates with the Developer, guiding them along to completion and conquering any bumps along the way.


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We are 21 years experienced software development firm. We are large enough to possess knowledge of wide variety of technologies, and not that large to handle every job with care. You are meeting a full service I.T. company, expertly managing variety of services ranging from graphic design to software quality assurance
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