Microgigz, an expert team of Software specialists, provides a wide range of services for our clients. Whether it’s a tiny bug, a few changes, or a from-scratch piece of code… your problem is not a problem for us. We have accomplished business and development minds – working as Project Managers – who oversee your Development team free of cost to ensure satisfaction not just from you, but your end users as well.

Graphic Designing

You need to communicate to your target market in stunning, aesthetic details. However, isn’t that expensive? Not with Microgigz. We offer a complete range of Graphic Design services at a low rate. Our Graphic Design services include:

  • Website Design
  • Logo Design
  • Email Newsletter Design
  • Icon Creation
  • Avatar Design
  • Banner Design
  • Background Image for iPhone Apps
  • Brochure Design
  • Social Media Page Designing (Facebook, Twitter Page, YouTube Page, much more…)

Our team consists of a group of creative Graphic Designers committed to filling your website and application with exceptional visuals. We provide exactly what you need according to your goals and target market.

If your goals align with our team then Contact Us to start.


Bug Fixing

Bugs are an effective way to kill momentum on a project. To get it back, contact us to Rescue you from the bugs creating hassles in your software’s functionality. Even if the developers who put you in this mess are unavailable, we have the resources available to solve your problem – at easily affordable prices.

Whether you are experiencing an unexpected error, a flaw or failure, or the software is behaving in an unintended way, we can help. Our resources are trained to resolve a variety of issues; subtle bugs with minor inconveniences, crashing applications, security bugs, or even a malicious user able to bypass access control and obtain unauthorized privileges.

Our resources have encountered an incredible variety of bugs. Contact Us today to Rescue you from the hassle.


Make Changes to Existing Code

Your site was stable and profits increasing until your situation changed and the software and website required immediate upgrades. This is the time to call Microgigz experts to cope with your diverse demands and keep you competitive.

In Hundreds of projects over the last 10 years we have been able to add a brilliant feature or aesthetic adjustment that became vital for a business. These periodic upgrades also keep your project viable and get you excited about it once again.

Contact Us now to quickly bring these desired changes to your project and give your competitors a run for their money.


Customization Services

Customization can bring anxiety and hassles as you invest more cash in the process.

Now, Customization is less complicated with Microgigz. No matter who did the original development, our Developers are there to help you in a timely fashion. Our Customization services include:

  • Code customization
  • Desktop / Web application customization
  • Setup payment gateways (PayPal, Google check out, Visa Card etc)
  • Apps / APIs integration
  • Setup, customize and synchronize the database within website

Contact Us now and get an expert with a wide range of Customization experience.


Flex Work

With superb knowledge and experience, our expert software engineers are skilled in Flex, which allows you to develop and deploy rich Internet applications across the Adobe Flash platforms.

If you aren’t exactly sure what you want to do with Flex, our business analysts are there to help you out – free of cost. Our Flex services include:

  • Action scripting
  • Action 3 game engine
  • Installation and configuration of Wowza streaming server
  • Flash Player for websites
  • Flash animation dynamic sound from RSS feed
  • Analytics reporting within flash maps, flash animation video, products etc
  • Flash Virtual Tour
  • Embed Google Calendar into Flash
  • Much more….

Contact Us today to bring the WOW factor to your software and websites.

Small-scale Development

Adding an extra feature or plug-in/add-on to your software or website through Microgigz is a fast and inexpensive way to improve your competitive position.

We avoid the old model of unfair, fixed-bid rates for small projects. If you are looking for fresh or modified functionality within your software/website we can provide a solution. Some of the small-scale development services we offer are:

  • Development Of Small Projects i.e website revamping, User interfaces, adding new feature etc.
  • Widget coding.
  • Small databases
  • Social Media apps
  • Web scraper
  • Browser add-ons
  • Small web / desktop applications

Contact Us to get experienced and competent Developer ready to code an integrate your imaginations, however small, into your software.


Mobile Development

Mobile applications keep companies connected with their customers through custom-built applications. The designers and developers in Microgigz are capable of building a wide range of customer-friendly applications that can process data quickly and easily. We develop high-quality mobile applications that emphasize User Interface and functionality. Our developers provide expertise in mobile applications for both iPhone/iPad and Android.

We have some of the industry best Android and iPhone Developers; having developed native and web-based apps in HTML 5. Though we have experience of developing apps in below genres only, but we are capable enough to go beyond them:

  • Business Apps
  • Fun Apps
  • Utilities
  • Games

If your app falls in any of above categories, Contact Us. A creative designer will design your app, competent developers will develop it and rigorous testers will test it so you get a beautiful end product.

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