1. Your Contact our Account Manager:

Contact our US-based Account Manager with your requirements. The requirements can vary from Graphic Design and Mobile to Bug Fixing and Customization. Whatever your requirement, we have an expert to handle it.

2. The Account Manager gets you started:

After understanding everything the Account Manager takes the necessary steps to launch your project. Throughout the project, they remain a source of contact and support, representing your needs in the company through consistent follow-up.

3. The Microgigz team works on your project:

Our complimentary Project Manager works with the Developer assigned to your project to analyze the specifications and get started. The Project Manager becomes responsible for providing you with timely updates and overseeing the Developer. Our Project Managers regularly update the Developers with knowledge and training to ensure your project is technically sound and benefits the end users. They also keep a constant eye on your project as QA and to make sure you don’t face any sudden issues at the end.

4. You get what you came for:

Once your project is tested under realistic environmental conditions and it is proven that your requirements are fulfilled, the Project Manager confirms it per technical and usability standards and your project is delivered. However, our work is not finished until your approval. Your satisfaction completes our mission and we take the necessary steps to deliver a completed project.

About Us
We are 21 years experienced software development firm. We are large enough to possess knowledge of wide variety of technologies, and not that large to handle every job with care. You are meeting a full service I.T. company, expertly managing variety of services ranging from graphic design to software quality assurance
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Account Manager Teena Liberman
Email: teena at microgigz .com
Phone: 858.586.7777 Ext: 612