You want a small software that Big-Client-Hunter-Companies don’t seem interested to develop? First thing that would come to your mind is hiring a Freelancer but…. Ask yourself if you really want to rely on Freelance work? This is why we made “Microgigz”. We will develop custom software for you; with a treatment that you would get from software companies having a $15 Million project.

Welcome to Microgigz

Microgigz is a software development company, providing software solutions to U.S. companies for the past 17 years. Being in this industry for almost two decades, we have provided software and networking services to more than 300 U.S. and worldwide. Our Client includes some big names like The New York times, Subway, Qualcomm, Global power group and many more.

With Microgigz, you get an Account Manager (who gets you smoothly throughout development), Project Manager (who oversees that your software gets developed per coding standards and on time), Competent Development Team (who have actually developed hundreds of software) and A Completed Software (for what you are here).
You are in safe hands

You are in safe hands

We will listen to your needs, analyze your requirements, and provide you with a solution that works. We judge our success by the satisfaction of our customers, and will value your input and happiness during your time with Microgigz.



We will listen to your needs, analyze your requirements and provide you with a solution that works “Your Way”. We have only 1 value proposition that has grown us to this level, and that is “Happy Client Faces”.

About Us
We are 21 years experienced software development firm. We are large enough to possess knowledge of wide variety of technologies, and not that large to handle every job with care. You are meeting a full service I.T. company, expertly managing variety of services ranging from graphic design to software quality assurance
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Account Manager Teena Liberman
Email: teena at microgigz .com
Phone: 858.586.7777 Ext: 612